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The future of health

has arrived

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What happens
when you combine the highest quality water with completely bio-available supplements?

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Imagine having a pure rushing river in your hand, infused with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


+ Energy

+ Focus & Concentration

+Immune Support

+ Beauty: Skin, Hair, Nails

+ Alkaline

+ Structured

+ Purified

+ Anti-oxidant

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How it works:

A vortex in a bottle

Inspired by Viktor Schauberger, the Devi's continuos vortex aerates your water, increasing alkalinity while removing chlorine and chemicals.
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One Click Health

The tyranny of pills is over; your Devi comes with a refillable supplement cartridge that sits in the cap of the bottle. Simply click the button on to have your daily dose of health dissolved into your structured Ayana water.
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Structured and purified with light and sound

of all
bacteria & viruses killed
Devi uses ultra-sonic frequencies to kill bacteria & viruses, then programs your water with solfeggio frequencies.

Structured and purified with light and sound

Ayana Devi



Refillable nutraceutical cartridge

Leakproof lid

Zero plastic exposure to consummables

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Single button w/LED light indicators

Ultrasonic self cleaning

Programmable frequency generator

750ml // 25oz

Shatterproof glass

Continuos Vortex

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Broushed Copper
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No plastic

Just Drink Water

The Devi is a new delivery mechanism for hydration, health and wellness all in one bottle.
We use science to mimic nature, combining highly optimized water with nutraceutical. Now you can Just Drink Water and not worry about putting plastic in your body, or in landfills.
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